First Rebel Girl POP-UP Bakery was a success!

Sunday morning I woke up and had a crazy idea …. Why don’t I have a Rebel Girl POP-UP Bakery today? So I did.

I did a shout out on social media that the Rebel Girl Pop-Up Bakery would be open from 2-4 just outside my house on Sunday with BOGO on all of the sweet treats.  And I made my first sale before as I was still setting up! Had quite a few neighbors stop by and make some sweet purchases …. also had a few cars drive my and then loop bake around to pick up some yummy goods.

Overall I had a great time meeting people and sharing my love of baking with everyone who stopped and shopped. I am definitely planning more Rebel Girl Pop-Up Bakery  events this Spring and Summer.

So stay tuned to the blog here as well as look for a new Rebel Girl Bakery website with online ordering and details about future events.

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